Good news during our trip to Taipei is it coincidence with Yangmingsan Flower fest, but Bad news is that the weather for the last few days is very bad and its been raining for the last few days.

inside bus to Yangmingsan, Yangmingsan is only 30 minutes away from Taipei City and you can take bus from Taipei Main station / shilin MRT station. Not sure about the fare as we pay using Easycard

THe easiest way to get around Yangmingsan in by the shuttle bus.big group of tourists are coming in by tour bus and talk loudly , try to avoid them but they are everywhere.

 cherry blossom blooming season but the strong wind in the last few days blow away most of the flowers

Flower clock for 2012

since the rain doesn’t stop since the morning , we left Yangmingsan without visiting most of the place and take bus to Shilin MRT station. took the MRT to Xinbeitou station famous for its hot spring.

beef noodles and char sew rice at the shop opposite Xinbeitou MRT station.

to get to the hot spring area. simply follow the sign board to the hot spring area. we walk leisurely around the town to look for place for hot spring.

Ketagalan Cultural Center

BeiTou Hot Spring Museum, admission is free

beatiful scenery along the road

many hotels here provide hourly rate of using their rooms. cost about NT 1000 to NT2000 for 1.5 hours usage of the room ,if you looking for cheaper alternative, there is a public bath with an admission cost of NT40 but you need to prepare your swimming suit and also towel.

after relax at the hot spring hotel, we take MRT to Danshui which is end of the line for the MRT. the weather turn bad and start raining heavily when we reached Danshui.

find refuge in this local coffee house name Eudora. as usual, they claim to serve the best coffee  in Taiwan

perfect cup of hot mocha for cold weather

Danshui old street, many street food and souvenirs to choose from

didn’t try any of the food here as I had enough of street food. didn’t stay long at Danshui as its raining heavily and its getting dark. Took MRT back to our hotel at Ximenting and waiting for the happiest meal for this trip

one of many hot pot restaurant around Ximenting area. This restaurant is always full of peoples and we have to reserved for seat the day before. we only able to get the 9.30pm slot which suit us. you are only allowed 2 hours to eat. The opening time of the restaurant is from 11.30 am till 5.00 am!

“ma la” soup and chicken soup, the soup come with a tray of chicken marinated with chinese wine.

delicious looking meat, for only NT499 +10% cleaning fees per person, you get free flow of slice beef, pork and mutton . on top of that , there is also a wide variety of steamboat ingredients, vegetables, coffee , tea, juice, soft drinks, beers!, movenpicks ice-cream and Haagens Daz ice cream. that’s a super bargain compare to the quality of food we get in Malaysia for steamboat.

a tiring and cold day end with a happy hot pot meal.

  • Taiwan Day 5 (Fuhang Soy milk 阜杭豆漿)
    Taiwan Day 5 (Fuhang Soy milk 阜杭豆漿)
  • Taiwan Day 4 (taipei Main station and Taipei 101)
    Taiwan Day 4 (taipei Main station and Taipei 101)
  • Taipei Day 2 ( Chiang Kai Shek Memorial, Sun yat sen Memorial and Xinyi District)
    Taipei Day 2 ( Chiang Kai Shek Memorial, Sun yat sen Memorial and Xinyi District)
  • Taipei Day 1 (Ximentin, Sogo and Shilin Night market)
    Taipei Day 1 (Ximentin, Sogo and Shilin Night market)

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