Wake up from a good rest. We had breakfast at a Bakery nearby our hotel since its already pass breakfast hour . Most of the bakery is self service and if you order drinks, they will give you a buzzer and it will vibrate when your drinks is ready.

cozy ambiance in the cafe.

we took subway to Myeongdong station , a huge shopping area. You can basically get anything here, H&M , Zara, Forever 21 and many local cosmetic shop . August is rainy season and Seoul was hit by severe flash flood 2 week before we arrive. it rain from morning till night and everyone seems well prepared with their own colorful umbrella.

trendy and young locals also like to shop here.

promoter dress up in different character to catch attention of passerby

tourist guide can be seen at major tourist area. They can speak in many language and give very good direction to tourists. they are dress in red T shirt and red hat. Thumbs up to them to walk around and work hard even though its rainy day.

enjoying a cup of coffee at Krispy Kreme with a perfect view of Myeongdong street.

after shopping for long hours , we visit Namsan park where the Seoul tower is located.

there are few ways to reach Seoul tower.

1)From Myeongdong subway station take exit 3 and turn left, you will see a street , walk up the street and you will come to a junction, you will see Pacific Hotel on your right and take the right turn. walk till you come to a stairs. you will see cable car station on your right. It will take 15 minutes walk and you need to pay 7000 Won per person 2 way and (6000 Won 1 way)  for the 15 minutes rides up to Seoul Tower

2) Take a Taxi . Foreigner are allowed to take Taxi up to Seoul tower. You need to prepare your passport for inspection before the taxi allowed into the Namsan park area. THis option is cheaper and faster for 2 person. It cost me about 7000 Won.

3) find your way to Namsan park entrance and walk up the scenic and winding road up to Seoul Tower. It will take 1 hour up but there is bench and nice scenery along the way.

you will be greeted by Haechi Seoul.

Seoul Tower house a observatory and teddy bear museum. I didn’t bought the observatory ticket as the weather is foggy and the customer service inform me that I would not see anything on the observatory.

lovers padlock can be seen all at the viewing platform. so much that it actually block the view .

many young lover “lock” their love here hoping for everlasting love

love is everywhere. Good place for lovers to hangout

In teddy Bear Museum, you can  view the teddy bears from various countries. it also use teddy bear to depicts the history of Korea.

Teddy bear in various costume and character

after visit teddy bear museum, we had our dinner at the western restaurant Seoul tower. it claims serve the best burger in Seoul and the beef patties are freshly made. reasonably price.

the best time to go up Seoul tower is during the evening time. you can see the whole Seoul city view through the observatory if the weather is clear. we take the cable car down from seoul tower but the ride is quite boring and expensive. We decide to walk down the path from cable car station to myeongdong. going down is easier than going uphill and it only take us 10 minutes reach Myeongdong.

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