Pukat Village at Pasir Putih located alongside Jalan Bokara located around 10 minutes from Sandakan Town centre. The villagers here are mostly fishermen and their house is built above the water. The villagers supplement their income by selling salted fish and prawn crackers. If you looking to buy some salted […]

Sabah Tea Garden located 3 and a half hours away from Kota Kinabalu. The farm cover 2450 hectares at the foot of Mount Kinabalu. Sabah Tea Garden is the only organic farm in Malaysia and Borneo Island and was started during 1980’s under the leadership of Tan Sri Harris Salleh. […]

The lovely old shophouses at Membakut Old Town, located about 80km from Kota Kinabalu City. These shophouses was built around 1930s and is still being use by the locals. A row of the shophouses was razed to the ground and luckily the fire didn’t spread to the other row of […]

The Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival 2015 (KKJF) on its 9th edition is an annual fund-raising jazz extravaganza jointly organised by the Rotary Club of Kota Kinabalu (RCKK) and the Society of Performing Arts Kota Kinabalu. KK Jazz Fest 2015 was held over 2 days from 24th July to 25th of […]

  10 Trophy up for grab on 2nd  FCAS International Dragon Boat Race namely Sabah Head of State Trophy, Sabah FCAS Dragon Trophy, Breast Cancer Survivor Trophy, Kinabalu Dragon Trophy (Men’s Team) and Kinabalu Dragon Trophy (Mixed Team) for international dragon boat teams; Sabah Chief Minister Trophy and Kinabalu Dragon Trophy […]

Today 12th of June (friday) mark 7 days since we were literally shaken by the Kinabalu earthquake. CrackoArtGroup following the customs of their ancestors, will end the 7 days mourning period: In spirit of the traditional “momisok” ritual, Cracko Art Group will erase the mural at the heritage building to symbolize the […]

People say it’s “Sakura” season in Kota Kinabalu but actually the flower is known as Tabebuia Rosea 風鈴木. Pink and white Tabebuia Rosea are commonly found around Kota Kinabalu. According to Wikipedia , “Tabebuia rosea is a neotropical tree that grows up to 30 m (1,181 in) and can reach a diameter at breast height of up […]

  Sabah Fest 2015 is back , be prepare to travel back in time and delve into the stories and legends surrounding Sabah’s caves through AGOP, The theme for 2015 Sabah Fest. Sabah Fest 2015 held from 1st May to 3rd of May 2015. The performance is devided into 3 segment […]

Tuaran Town, famous for Tuaran Mee is located about 40 minutes from Kota Kinabalu City centre. The most important landmark in Tuaran Town is Ling San Pagoda which is 9 storey high. There are few eateries around Tuaran Town serving good Tuaran Mee, one of it is Lok Kyun Restaurant, […]

Aires recently launched AirAsia Asean Pass. Basically it  is a travel pass that allows guests to book flight with credits,  to more than 140 routes all across ASEAN. There are 10 countries in ASEAN (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Burma, Laos, and Brunei) There are 2 types […]