Tamu which mean open market in Sabah is held at various places around Sabah every week. Kota Belud (previously named Tempasuk) is one of the earliest district in Sabah (known as North Borneo) to held the first Tamu. Villagers from all around the district gather on Tamu to exchange and […]

Kampung Tambatuan is Located at Ranau – Kota Belud bypass, overlooking the majestic Mount Kinabalu. To reach Kampung Tambatuan, you have to drive through  rocky road for about 10 minutes.  The view of Mount Kinabalu is amazing from Kampung Tambatuan. There is a home stay  at Kampung Tambatuan, Best thing to […]

A photographer must visit place at Semporna is the Bajau Laut community at Maiga Island, Semporna. Bajau Laut or Sea Gypsies live on the sea and depends on the sea for survival. Many of them are known for their seafaring skills. Its hard to believe there are still people live […]

If you looking for a real village experience in Kota Kinabalu. Then drop by Tagal Tinopikon Park which is 45 minutes drive away from Kota Kinabalu city centre. The village is located beside Moyog River and this section is under Tagal System ( means prohibition in Kadazandusun language) run by the […]

The sleepy town of Kuala Penyu at the west coast of Sabah offer some of the best landscape and beaches. Batu Luang is located about 120 Km away from Kota Kinabalu and 8  Kilometer from Kuala Penyu Town centre. There are a small network of road running along beaches at […]

Every year the Sabah Fest brings these groups together to celebrate Sabah’s cultural diversity and unique heritage. The celebration and theme of the Sabah Fest this year focuses on Sabah’s mystical and iconic landmark, Mount Kinabalu. Towering over the island of the Borneo above a rugged landscape of mountain ranges, […]

There are many old heritage around Sandakan and the best way to explore them is by following Sandakan Heritage Trail.  Sandakan Heritage Trail include the following landmark – Masjid Jamek – the oldest mosque - William Pryer Monument – Sandakan Heritage Museum – Tourist Information Centre – One Hundred Steps stairs […]

After our first trip to Mantanani Island, we realised that we spend too much time on the bus/boat trip and have little time for snorkeling and exploring the island. to appreciate the charm of Mantanani Island, a overnight stay at Mantanani Island is a must. We got to know Palm Beach […]