We leave Bomi at 4.30 am and start our journey to Midui Gracier.

Midui Glacier is located in Yupu Township, about 100 kilometers east of the county seat of Bomi. Midui Glacier is formed from the convergence of two excellent ice waterfalls, sandwiching a stretch of lush green virgin forest. Midui gracier is voted as one of the 6 most beautiful gracier in China

Midui village where you can take a horse ride to see the Midui gracier.

The horse ride will only bring u till this point. to get close to the gracier, you have to continue on foot for bout 3 hours.

Landscape around Midui Gracier

The trekking to the gracier is hard and there is no clear route to follow. the route passes though a dense forest and over a mountain slope where you continue to walk along the bumpy track alongside rough stone piles.

seems near but its still bout 1 hour away.

After descending from Midui gracier, we continue our way to Ranwu. We have to enter the town before 6pm as there is a military presence at the town and our schedule is restricted. foreigner are required to present their  tibet travel permit to enter the town

Ranwu lake is the main attraction at Ranwu. The lake is 3,800 meters above the sea level has a water area of 22 square kilometers. The lake is surrounded by many scenic mountain. The green grassland around the lake, the sky-blue lake water and the white snow mountains constitute a very pretty watercolor

  • Climbing to Low’s Peak, Mount Kinabalu
    Climbing to Low’s Peak, Mount Kinabalu
  • Mount Kinabalu Climbing via Mesilau trail
    Mount Kinabalu Climbing via Mesilau trail
  • Chengdu (Qintai Road and Kuanzai Alley)
    Chengdu (Qintai Road and Kuanzai Alley)
  • Panaroma view from Chengdu
    Panaroma view from Chengdu

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